Device Loan Program

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Decorative image of wheelchairAbout the Program

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NOTE: Links on this page related to the device loan program will take you to a different website. All searching for AT that can be borrowed takes place on that site. When you wish to return to ABLE Tech's main website, you'll see links and text at the top of each page: Return to ABLE Tech's Main Site.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech and its statewide partners operate an assistive technology (AT) device demonstration center and device loan program (short-term loans) to increase access to and utilization of AT for individuals with disabilities. The program is available to Oklahoma residents with disabilities, their family members, and the professionals that support them.

To distinguish the differences with regard to device demonstration versus device loans, device demonstration can be defined as:

Device demonstrations compare the features and benefits of a particular AT device or category of devices for an individual or small group of individuals. For detailed information on device demonstration, link to the AT3 Center's page.

Device Loan, then, is defined by the AT Act as:

The purpose of a device loan (aka short-term loan) may be (1) to assist in decision-making; (2) to serve as a loaner while the consumer is waiting for device repair or funding; (3) to provide an accommodation on a short-term basis; or (4) for professional development. Here is the AT3 Center's detailed information on Device Loan.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech's assistive device inventory offers over 2,500 devices in many AT categories including devices and equipment for: speech communication, computer access, hearing, vision, daily living, environmental adaptations, learning/development, recreation, mobility, seating and positioning. ABLE Tech staff also provides guidance on funding resources for AT equipment.

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How Do I Borrow a Device?

ABLE Tech's short-term device loan program is available to any Oklahoma resident. Loan duration is up to six weeks and is easy-to-use and free.

To borrow a device, using the links below, you will move to our external site for device loan. That page will have the exact same content as this page.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech
1514 W. Hall of Fame
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405.744.9748 or 800.257.1705 (V/TTY)
Fax: 405.744.2487

For Education Loan Only

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Oklahoma ABLE Tech offers an extension for educational device loans while you try to pursue funding in order to obtain the device for your student. If this is the case, please contact Shelby Sanders, AT Specialist, at or 405-744-7606 and she will send you the paperwork. An implementation form will be required.

Check out funding resources under ABLE Tech’s AT Discovery page