Smart Home Demonstration

Located just inside of the Seretean Wellness Center, Oklahoma ABLE Tech works hard to provide assistive technology to Oklahomans with disabilities at little to no cost. By empowering Oklahomans with disabilities with the right equipment, we can help improve quality of life.

ABLE Tech is proud to have a fully functioning display of Teltex Apple Smarthome. This demonstration provides anyone the opportunity to learn about customizable solutions for independent living. Teltex Apple Smarthome features customizable home automation packages including accessible door locks, thermostats, lighting, outlets, doorbells, smoke/CO detectors and more.

Come by 103 R in ABLE Tech and Sponsored Programs to test equipment, ask questions and learn more. With ABLE Tech’s new display, you can improve your ability to live independently!

Contact Allyson Robinson: to schedule an appointment.

Smart Home graphic displaying a gray house with automation icons surrounding it
Nest speaker displayed on table next to a monitor orange display showing smart home demonstration options
Thermonstat on demonstration wall ring lock on door for demonstration