Financial Loan Success Story- Mary

Mary is a light-skinned older woman with short grey hair and glasses. She is smiling for a selfie, showing off one of her hearing aids and a blue sparkly phone clip.

Meet Mary from Creek County!

Mary reached out to Oklahoma ABLE Tech when she needed new hearing aids. Through the Financial Loan Program, Mary was able to get the Resound Nexia 7 hearing aids and phone clip.

Mary is excited to have her new hearing aids, which allow her to fully participate in her volunteer work with the Red Cross.

Additionally, Mary was also able to tell her audiologist about Oklahoma ABLE Tech so that they could share resource information with other patients who may need assistance.

The Oklahoma ABLE Tech Financial Loan Program partners with the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) and BancFirst of Stillwater to provide low-interest loans to those in need of assistive technology (AT). To learn more about the Financial Loan Program and how to apply for a loan to get AT, visit our website at