Empowering Voices: Effective Augmentative and Alternative (AAC) Evaluations Workshops

Averie stands at the front of the room as she talks. In front of her is a table scattered with different AT devices.

Get hands-on AAC training with Oklahoma ABLE Tech! Register for the Empowering Voices: Effective Augmentative and Alternative (AAC) Evaluations workshop at Oklahoma ABLE Tech, led by Speech Pathologist Averie Lucas. Attendees will learn how to conduct an effective AAC evaluation/assessment using the SETT framework and explore feature matching. Additionally, Averie and staff introduce report writing, funding options, and moderate hands-on exploration of light/low/no-tech, mid-tech, and high-tech speech communication assistive technology (AT).

Oklahoma ABLE Tech plans to offer the Empowering Voices workshop three times in the Spring 2024 semester, from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm each day:
• Friday, February 9 at Oklahoma ABLE Tech in Stillwater, OK (This session is currently at capacity, but there are still spots available for the March and April events)
• Saturday, March 2 at Soaring on Hope in Tulsa, OK
• Saturday, April 6 at Oklahoma ABLE Tech in Stillwater, OK

The course is designed for speech therapists, educators, and other professionals (i.e., occupational therapists, physical therapists, paraprofessionals) who work with individuals of all ages with communication difficulties.

Learn more and register for the class on the AAC Workshops webpage at https://bit.ly/3RTATip!

Allyson helps two workshop attendees troubleshoot on a tablet. On the front of the table, there is a sign that says, "High-Tech AAC. Symbol-Based Solutions."
A light skinned woman with long brunette hair explores a 4" x 5" Communicator for the Visually Impaired. In the background, there are many other people exploring other AAC devices.
Two women explore an AAC app on an iPad mini. The table around them is scattered with instruction and tip papers.