20180514 – Stroke

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Access for All Weekly Tip
For the week of May 14 - 18




Stroke is the third largest cause of death in the United States, according to the American Stroke Association. Women account for more than half of stroke deaths, yet stroke is more prevalent in men.  Strokes can occur at any age, but are more common in people 65 years or older.

Physical Effects of Stroke:

  • Weakness or paralysis on one side of the body is common and can affect upper and/or lower extremities of the body
  • Balance and overall coordination make standing, climbing, sitting, and walking problematic
  • Ignoring or not being aware of the affected side of the body
  • Numbness or pain
  • Dysphagia (trouble chewing/swallowing food) can prevent the person from getting basic nutrition and can cause aspiration (breathing in food)
  • Bowel and bladder incontinence and other activities of daily living including independent bathing, dressing, and eating
  • Fatigue and decreased stamina

Situation and Solution: Johnathan suffered a stroke last fall. He recently went back to work as a communications professional where he spends a lot of time typing. Numbness in his hands made it difficult to complete his work without pain. He was accommodated with several typing aids and a text-to-speech software on his computer, and he is now able to complete his work without limitations.


Note: Link to AskJAN for more information about Strokes.

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