2018 March | Access for All News You Can Use

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Access for All Certification in Oklahoma: A Two Sided Coin

Oklahoma ABLE Tech partners with the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services to grant the Access for All Certification to Oklahoma Workforce System Partners. The Certification covers two distinct areas of Partner activity: physical buildings and information and communication technology (ICT).

The Certification for physical buildings includes an examination of the accessibility of buildings that Job Seekers need to enter in order to take advantage of what the Workforce System provides. The examination begins in a building parking lot and continues inside.

The Certification for information and communication technology (ICT) looks at accessibility in the websites, social media and digital documents that Job Seekers need to use in order to take advantage of what the Workforce System provides. 

You can read more about both sides of the Access for All Accessibility Certification in the Roadmap for Accessibility Certification.

Some Easy Steps to Including More People with Disabilities in Employment

For the employers that we serve, the notion of hiring Job Seekers with disabilities can be intimidating. Information and communication technology consultants from The Paciello Group have some good pointers on expanding employment to Job Seekers with Disabilities.

More about Inclusive Events

Conferences, trainings and hiring events should be an opening to Oklahoma's Workforce. This is something that we have mentioned in previous newsletters, and going into the new year, here is another reminder with some helpful tips.

More about Inclusive Presentations

One of the tips that you will see repeated when someone writes or talks about inclusive events is to make sure that your trainers and speakers make their content inclusive as well. The University of Washington DO-IT Center has some advice about making presentations more accessible.

About Oklahoma ABLE Tech

Oklahoma ABLE Tech is a federally funded Assistive Technology Act Program serving Oklahoma. ABLE Tech provides training and technical assistance to Oklahoma state agencies, higher education, and CareerTech to help ensure that Oklahomans have full access to services, education, and employment opportunities.  ABLE Tech’s role includes collaboration with the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to assist with the oversight and implementation of Oklahoma’s Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility law and standards. Learn more about the Workforce System training and technical assistance on the Oklahoma ABLE Tech website, or by calling Oklahoma ABLE Tech at 800.257.1705.

About the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services

The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) expands opportunities for employment, independent life and economic self-sufficiency by helping Oklahomans with disabilities bridge barriers to success in the workplace, school and at home.   DRS partners with numerous state groups, organizations and employers to provide Oklahomans with disabilities enhanced services. DRS is committed to Access for All in overcoming barriers to employment and services for consumers with disabilities statewide.