Winter Weather Woes

Winter Weather Woes?
How Work Accommodations Can Help.

Short days, low temperatures, and difficulty shoveling snow or navigating icy walkways can all make it challenging to get to work on time. Many employees with disabilities do not realize that they can request accommodations to help with commuting problems. 

Some typical limitations that can impact winter driving and travel include vision limitations such as night blindness or contrast sensitivity issues, fear of driving in adverse conditions, respiratory and circulatory impairments where exposure to cold or exertion from shoveling exacerbate symptoms, pain from cold intolerance or exertion, and gross motor impairments or balance disorders that make it harder to walk on ice or to clear off a vehicle or driveway.

Whether driving independently, walking, using public transportation, carpooling, or using a ride-sharing service, employees whose morning routines are disrupted by inclement weather may benefit from accommodations such as flexible start times that allow them to arrive a bit later without being penalized, permission to work from home for a morning or a day, or policy modifications that allow the use of leave when weather and disability-related needs collide.

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Oklahoma WorksOklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, and Oklahoma ABLE Tech have collaborated to provide this information and advice to those seeking accommodation in the workplace.  

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