Make Your Message More Accessible

A lesser-known accessibility tip is to create content that is understandable and easy to read. Simple language ensures your content is as readable as possible for everyone, but it has extra benefits for those with learning and cognitive disabilities. These folks may have increased difficulty understanding complex sentences and dense paragraphs. Also, folks who aren’t native to the language the content is written in or are unfamiliar with the topic will also benefit from simplified content. You can create simple, understandable content using these tips:

  • Use familiar or “plain” language
  • Use conversational tone
  • Explain acronyms
    • Example: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility
  • Define unusual words
  • Use active voice
    • Active voice: The company polluted the lake
    • Passive voice: The lake was polluted by the company.
  • Add structure using headings, lists, and good spacing
  • Include details that help direct readers or help them complete the task
    • Example: providing the style of date you’d like on a form, or due dates for a submission
  • Write helpful link text
  • Strive for an 8th grade reading level or lower

Find more resources on writing content that is more readable at these websites: