Creating An Accessible Workstation

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Workstations for All Employees 

The benefits of implementing an ergonomics program at the job site should apply to all workers but can be particularly important when accommodating employees with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that employers accommodate qualified employees with disabilities so they can perform the essential functions of a job and benefit from the privileges of employment.

A man showing the difference between good and bad posture in the office as well as how to create a standing workspace example. Wheelchair Access

Make sure that there is an accessible path of travel to all workstations. Ensure that chairs are easy to move to accommodate access to wheelchairs and can fit appropriately at a workstation, without inconveniencing other coworkers.


Some wheelchairs have high armrests or other protrusions that prevent them from sitting properly at a desk. If possible, provide desks with adjustable heights or provide access to several desks in a variety of fixed heights.

Keyboard and mouse locations

Arrange cables in the desk area that allows flexibility regarding the location of input devices.


If possible, allow users to adjust the closeness, height, and angle of computer displays.


Make sure that chairs offer adequate support and comfort, allowing ease to get into and out of. Adjustable chairs will accommodate a higher range of users.

Also, consider providing ergonomic equipment as often as it is possible. This not only improves the well-being of your staff, but it increases productivity, morale, and concentration for all of your employees.

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Oklahoma WorksOklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, and Oklahoma ABLE Tech have collaborated to provide this information and advice to those seeking accommodation in the workplace.