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Pregnant women at the office

Pregnancy affects women in different ways. Some experience no, or very few, limitations concerning their ability to work. Others may experience conditions that lead to the necessity for accommodations.

For example, fatigue, sickness, or pain may impact attendance; restrictions in lifting, standing, or bending may affect the ability to meet the physical demands of a job; or the need to eat and drink frequently, or wear more comfortable clothing may affect adherence to certain policies. Limitations can sometimes result from pregnancy-related complications, like gestational diabetes, back pain, high blood pressure (known as preeclampsia), urinary tract infections, severe dehydration, and depression.

Common office accommodations made for pregnant or nursing women:  

  • Allow for longer or more frequent work breaks to use the restroom
  • Provide a private rest area to lie down during breaks
  • Modify policy to allow eating/drinking at workstation/around the facility to increase caloric intake and to stay hydrated
  • Reduce or eliminate physical exertion and workplace stress
  • Implement ergonomic workstation design
  • Allow work from home
  • Provide lumbar pillow/backrest/footrest
  • Increase natural light
Note: Link to AskJAN for more information about Pregnancy.

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