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What is a LISTSERV?

LISTSERV is an automated mailing list program that became popular in the early days of the Internet  in 1985. It continues to be popular due to its simplicity and the fact that it works over standard email.


ABLE Tech's LISTSERV is a public forum for conversation among parents, consumers, and people who work in a disability-related field. It is a free service; all you need is email. By using the LISTSERV, everyone on the list will be able to participate in a group conversation.

Note from Lynda...
On our old site, neither 1 nor 3 are links (although they're colored like a link). Are they supposed to be links? And, is the wording in #2 correct? Or, do we need to say First Name Last Name? Thanks!

To subscribe to the mailing list:

  2. Type the message: SUBSCRIBE ABLETECH-L your name

We'll see you on the LIST!


QIAT (Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology) also maintains a LISTSERV.  The QIAT List is a public forum for participation from a wide variety of perspectives and experiences related to implementing the QIAT Objectives.

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