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Oklahoma ABLE Tech
AT News You Can Use

June, 2018 

In this issue:

  • AT Support Team Training: An Assortment of Opportunities
  • Success Story: Discreet Magnifier
  • Case Study: Computer Access Solutions
  • Device Feature: EZSee Large Print Keyboard
  • Transition: OTC Webinar Series
  • TechAccess OK 2018: Register Now!

 AT Support Team TrainingAn Assortment of Opportunities



Help your students with disabilities achieve their IEP goals! ABLE Tech offers a variety of training opportunities for educators and related service providers to learn how to incorporate assistive technology devices and services to help students with disabilities do tasks they otherwise couldn’t.

    • Webinars and Videos: ABLE Tech has a vast collection of instructional videos, AT device feature videos, and archived webinars. Live webinars are presented throughout the school-year and then archived for on-demand viewing. Click to go to ABLE Tech Youtube Channel.
    • Workshops: Attend our in-person trainings for hands-on learning. These workshops take you from beginning understanding to application for topics including AT consideration, AT assessment, AT implementation, and funding of devices to assist students with disabilities. Teams also learn how to develop Operational Procedures to ensure the process is followed consistently throughout the district to benefit all students with disabilities. ABLE Tech is developing plans for the 2018-19 AT Support Team Training Program, which is free for Oklahoma educators and related service providers. The lineup will include repeat performances as well as new topics. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be offered for OTs, PTs, and SLPs. Keep an eye on the ABLE Tech AT Support Team Training webpage for dates and details. We invite you to sign up for our waitlist to be notified when the in-person training schedule is announced. Click here to be added to the waitlist.
    • Online Curriculum: Learn about AT devices and services whenever you want! This guided-study course mirrors our in-person workshops and is designed for educators and related service providers to access at their convenience. Click to go to ABLE Tech Online AT Curriculum.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech is the Statewide Assistive Technology Act Program whose mission is serving Oklahomans with disabilities. ABLE Tech offers educational resources and training programs to Pre-K through 12th grade educators and related service providers through a contract with the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

To learn more visit

Success Story

 Discreet Magnifier



Student Information:
Pseudonym: Kay Jones
Age: 14
Grade: 9
Disability Type: Visual Impairment
Device Trialed: Pocket-Sized Magnifier

Narrative: Kay has significant vision loss but refused to use large print books, textbooks, or any item which brought attention to her or her disability. She also would not seek assistance due to not wanting to draw attention to herself. The team wanted to find something she could use discreetly and easily transport from class to class.

Student using pocket-sized magnifierShe was given the small magnifier, and immediately showed excitement to use it. She was able to use the tool without anyone knowing she was using it. She enjoys the magnifier because of the convenience of carrying it, and its small size. The device fits behind her cell phone case so she always has it with her.

Kay said that she really likes being able to see the text from a farther distance and not having to bend closer to the document she is reading.

Her IEP teacher reported she really had no idea something so small could be such a great help to this student. The student will continue to use the small magnifier, and it will be added to her IEP as an AT device.

Editor’s Note: This Trial Loan Success Story was submitted by the Hugo AT Support Team. They received an AT Award of $250 in assistive technology to benefit students in their district.  Thanks Hugo Team!

Has assistive technology helped someone you know? Share your story! Submit our Online Success Story and Photo Consent Form.

Case Study  Computer Access Solutions



Student Information:

Boy in wheelchair using ATThis student is a senior in high school, 17 years old and survived a skiing accident but broke his third and fourth vertebrae. As a quadriplegic, he is now a wheelchair user. He has retained good head and trunk control and can move his right arm minimally from the shoulder. He has good movement in his thumb, index finger and second finger of his right hand. He is very motivated to complete his regular high school program and get back to his after school job.

Possible Recommendations:

In this case study, the student will start by trialing different adapted keyboards. An on-screen keyboard is appropriate for this situation. This allows the student to choose the adapted mouse that fits most comfortably in his hand and keep him from having to worry about access to an external keyboard. The on-screen keyboard can be adjusted to the student's need.

Sample solutions available in the ABLE Tech Short-Term Loan Inventory:

Roller 2 Joystick eZSee Large Key Keyboard Onscreen Keyboard (detail)
Roller 2 Joystick Mouse Large Key Keyboard On-screen Keyboard

ABLE Tech provides case studies as examples for educators considering assistive technology (AT) for students with disabilities to help them reach their educational goals. Visit AT Discovery for feature matching solutions based on the Student, Environment, Task and Tools (SETT) Framework developed by Dr. Joy Zabala.


 AT Device FeatureEZSee Large Print Keyboard



Large-Print BlueTooth Keyboard (Mini)Large Print Keyboards are perfect for anyone who has a hard time seeing the letters on their computer keyboards. The EZSee Large Print keyboard was designed specifically for those with conditions that cause visual impairment or low vision and are helpful for anyone who is working in low-light conditions or learning to type.

The large print keyboard will give you greater enjoyment working and playing on the computer, with greater keystroke accuracy and less eye strain. Children can also benefit from the EZSee Large Print, as it assists with vision and motor-skill impairments and is an excellent first keyboard for any child.

The EZ See Large Print Keyboard has big 3/4" oversized keys and large, bold, easy-to-read numbers and letters.

Device Details:

  • Large yellow keys for high contrast
  • Bold black letters and numbers
  • Uses USB connector
  • Multimedia "hot keys" for quick access

Cost: $30
Purchased from: Amazon

Click to see Large Print Keyboard AT Device Video on YouTube.

Click to see EZSee Large Print Keyboard in ABLE Tech Device Loan Inventory

Each week ABLE Tech features one of the many assistive technology devices available for trial through our short-term loan program. Our inventory offers a wide range of AT for communication, computer access, hearing, vision, daily living, environmental adaptations, learning/development, health, safety, and recreation.

Search our Device Loan Inventory!

 Transition ResourcesTransition: OTC Webinar Series


One webinar remains in the Oklahoma Transition Council (OTC) Transition Webinar Series. LifeCourse Tools is designed to help educators teach valuable life skills they will need as they move from high school to community living, employment and post-secondary education. The webinars are free, but registration is required. 


LifeCourse Tools

July 18

9-10 a.m.

Presented by: Wanda Felty, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities & Heather Pike, Oklahoma Family Network

Click here to register for OTC Transition Webinar


If you have questions, please call Jenifer Randle, Youth Advocacy & Training Coordinator, at 405.521.4964 or email

TechAccess OK 2018


TechAccess OK 2018: Register Now!


TechAccessOK is a free conference focusing on accessibility in technology and the web. This year’s event takes place June 28 and 29 at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. Thursday’s session on pdf accessibility is full, however a limited number of spots remain open for Friday, June 29, which includes sessions on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility.

Speakers include:

  • Jessica Anderson, Sean Dixon and Nate Marshall from OU’s Center for Public Management speaking about building an accessibility program
  • Ashley Bischoff from The Paciello Group speaking about using plain language
  • Luis Garcia from eBay speaking about testing for accessibility
  • Glenda Sims from Deque Systems speaking about the new Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1
  • Lainey Strange from the State of Missouri speaking about writing effective alternative text
  • Jay Wyant and Jennie Delisi from the State of Minnesota, speaking about accessible multimedia and captioning

ABLE Tech is producing the event with support from the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, and iPro Oklahoma.   Click to register via

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