Bookshare Success Story Contest

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“AT for AEM Awards”

Bookshare WebReader logoDo you have a student who has benefited from using Bookshare? Tell us your story and have a chance to receive an iPad to use with a student in your district!

"AT for AEM Awards"
Entry Procedure

First • Determine the student who has benefited from using Bookshare

Second • Take a photo or short video of the student using the device and Bookshare

Third • Write your narrative to submit, and possibly share, with the student and her/his parent or guardian

Fourth Download the parental/guardian release and send / email / give it to the student to deliver... home. Be sure to make clear that you need the release signed and returned to school so that it can be attached to your submission.

FifthClick here to ENTER!
At the beginning of the entry form, you'll have an opportunity to upload both the photo and the release. Then, fill out the rest of the form and... we'll be in touch!

Two “AT for AEM Awards” will be distributed during the 2017-18 school year – one in the fall and one in spring 2018. To enter, an educator must submit a success story focusing on how a student has benefited from using Bookshare with assistance from ABLE Tech. The award will be an iPad or comparable device which can be used to read accessible digital books from Bookshare. (Dollar value limited to current retail price of an iPad plus accessible book reading app such as Read2Go or Voice Dream Reader.)

Awards will be granted to two school districts which meet submission requirements. Winners will be chosen by random drawing from entries submitted by the deadlines:

* The parental release is a Word document you must attach to your online submission. Therefore, we suggest you download the consent form now, contact the parent or guardian and tell them you wish to submit a success story, and deliver / email the Word doc to them. They, then, will need to return the form to you (it will be best if delivered by hand or mail since a signature is required).

Who needs AEM?

Some students with disabilities are unable to read standard printed text, and need materials in a specialized format such as braille, large print, audio, or digital text. Digital text provides accessibility features which may improve reading comprehension, including custom fonts, dual-color highlighting, and text-to-speech. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires schools to provide accessible educational materials (AEM) to students who need them. Learn more in the resource: Oklahoma Procedures for Providing Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

Bookshare provides textbooks and other reading materials in digital format to individuals with print disability through a contract with the United States Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs.
Sign up for Bookshare at

Assistive Technology (AT) is sometimes necessary for reading specialized formats of AEM. ABLE Tech loans AT devices to trial with students. Learn more about ABLE Tech Device Loans.

ABLE Tech provides training and technical assistance to help schools provide AEM, including digital textbooks, novels, and other curricular materials from Bookshare! 

Contact or call 800-257-1705 to request help or schedule a training!