Newsletter: AT News You Can Use

Newsletter: AT News You Can Use

JUNE 2019

Registration Open for the
"2019-2020 AT Training Workshop Series" 

Register now to participate in the FREE Oklahoma ABLE Tech AT Assessment Workshop Series for the 2019-2020 school-year. The 3-part series will be offered in Enid during the fall school semester and repeated in Shawnee in the spring.

Fall Sessions – Enid, Oklahoma

Part 1 – Workshop:
AT Assessment – Consideration

Part 2 – Workshop:
AT Assessment – Gathering Information and Trialing Devices

Part 3 – Workshop:
AT Assessment – AT in the IEP and Implementation

Sept 12, 2019  Oct 24, 2019  Nov 14, 2019 

Participants will learn the process for Consideration of Assistive Technology (AT) for all students with disabilities, including legal requirements related to AT Consideration, and hands-on learning to help educators discover potential solutions available to help meet each student’s IEP goals.

Participants will learn the steps involved in conducting an Assistive Technology (AT) Assessment, and the procedure for borrowing AT to try with students. Educators will try their hand at making low-tech AT to help students with classroom tasks.

Participants will learn how to write AT in the IEP, summarize AT Implementation process, compare and contrast AT across disabilities, and identify funding resources for the acquisition of AT. Afternoon breakout sessions will offer educators opportunities to see and try devices in the categories of their choosing. 

Register for Sept. 12 Session Register for Oct. 24 Session Register for Nov. 14 Session

AT Support Team Workshop webpage


AT Online Curriculum 

Educators can learn about AT processes at their own pace and receive credit through Oklahoma EDPlan. The process takes two steps: first, complete the ABLE Tech Online Curriculum Courses, and then upload your completion certificates into the ABLE Tech AT Training Modules in the Pepper Network to get your continuing education credits in EDPlan.  

ABLE Tech AT Online Curriculum

AT for Computer Access

Jelly Bean Switch
Jelly Bean Switch

Many students with disabilities are unable to interact with computers in the same way as their typically-developing peers. Specialized software and devices such as modified keyboards and switches provide alternatives for entering and receiving information.

Visit AT Discovery for Computer Access to learn more.  


Learning Ally Enhances Services

Learning Ally recently added note-sharing and dictionary features to its mobile app which students can use to access the library of more than 80,000 audiobooks. Learning Ally provides lesson plans to teach students the skills and strategies necessary for learning auditory and the Educator Dashboard allows teachers to monitor student progress. 

Visit Learning Ally to learn more. 

Career-Centered Active Listening Game 

The Center on Technology and Disability (CTD) has introduced a new job skills training tool to help provide job-coaching tips and advice. The Career-Centered Active Listening Game, or C-Cal, includes a series of modules designed to strengthen auditory processing skills and prepare students for the workforce. Scenarios include the interview process, getting started on the job, workplace experiences, and standing up for yourself.

Try the Career-Centered Active Listening Game. 


Linda Jaco, Director

Kimberly Berry, Assistive Technology Teacher

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