June 2022 Newsletter: AT News You Can Use

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Success Stories updated and available in Spanish!

Text: Tell Your StoryABLE Tech has made its Success Story and Photo Release forms available online. Versions have also been made available in Spanish. Have your clients had successes utilizing ABLE Tech’s services? Encourage them to submit a story today!

Individuals, families, service providers, and partners can use the forms to share stories about how ABLE Tech and assistive technology have positively impacted their lives. Access the ABLE Tech Success Story page to complete your programs’ Success Stories.

June's Featured Assistive Technology

Check out some of the Assistive Technology we have at ABLE Tech!

  1. Cosmo Explore
  2. LiveScribe Echo 2
  3. Community Signs Adapted Books
  4. OrCam Read
Cosmo Explore
Livescribe ECHO Smart Pen
Community Signs Adapted Books
OrCam Read

Learn more about Assistive Technology (AT) for people of all ages on the ABLE Tech AT Discovery webpages.

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Make Your Message More Accessible

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A lesser-known accessibility tip is to create content that is understandable and easy to read. Simple language ensures your content is as readable as possible for everyone, but it has extra benefits for those with learning and cognitive disabilities. These folks may have increased difficulty understanding complex sentences and dense paragraphs. Also, people who aren’t native to the language the content is written in or who are unfamiliar with the topic will also benefit from simplified content. You can create simple, understandable content using these tips:

  • Use familiar or “plain” language
  • Use conversational tone
  • Explain acronyms
    • Example: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility
  • Define unusual words
  • Use active voice
    • Active voice: The company polluted the lake.
    • Passive voice: The lake was polluted by the company.
  • Add structure using headings, lists, and good spacing
  • Include details that help direct readers or help them complete the task
    • Example: providing the style of date you’d like on a form, or due dates for a submission
  • Write helpful link text
  • Strive for an 8th grade reading level or lower

Find more resources on writing content that is more readable at these websites:

Registration Open for Fall 2022 AT Workshop Series

Do your school team members know what the law says about considering assistive technology (AT) for all students on IEPs?

Does school staff know how to help students find and acquire needed AT solutions?

Oklahoma ABLE Tech offers free trainings on topics of AT devices and services to support administrators, educators, related service providers, paraeducators and the students they serve.

Save the dates for ABLE Tech’s Fall 2022 AT Workshop Series:

  • September 15 from 8am-10am
  • October 6 from 8am-2pm
  • November 10 from 8am-10:30am

Note: Free Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be available to Occupational, Physical, and Speech-Language Therapists who participate in the trainings.

Register now to attend the virtual workshop series.


What is the Special Education Resolution Center?

SERC logoThe Special Education Resolution Center (SERC) – Oklahoma State University (OSU), through a contract with the Oklahoma State Department of Education, provides free services to assist schools and families in working through situations when they are stuck in their conversations. SERC can provide an Individualized Education Program (IEP) facilitator, a neutral third party, to be present at IEP meetings to support the conversation, keep people on track, manage any outbursts, and help teams come to resolutions. For problems that are specifically identified, SERC can provide a mediator who helps the parties resolve issues and drafts a Mediation Agreement. For parties who cannot resolve issues which might be a violation of the law, SERC provides a Due Process Hearing.

To build capacity at the local level for good communication, SERC offers training to schools at no cost. Training can be designed to meet the school's needs, or the school can request training in Crucial Conversations. A school just needs to reach out to arrange for training!

Learn more on SERC’s website.

Oklahoma AT Center Locations and Partners

ABLE Tech and partners operate device demonstration & loan programs to increase access to AT.

  • Alzheimer’s Association, Oklahoma Chapter
    Tulsa, 918-392-5009
  • The Bethany Children's Health Center
    Bethany, 405.789.6711
  • Developmental Disabilities Council of Oklahoma
    Oklahoma City, 405-212-7558
  • Handicapped Vehicle Services Unlimited Mobility
    Tulsa, 918.622.8400
  • Indian Nations Council of Governments,
    Area Agency on Aging
    Tulsa, 918.579.9477
  • Kiamichi Economic Development District of Oklahoma
    Wilburton, 918.465.2367
  • Moore Autism Center
    Moore, 405.735.8478
  • Newby-Vance Mobility
    Guthrie, 405.518.0167
  • NewView Oklahoma
    Oklahoma City, 405.521.4880
    Tulsa, 855.811.9699
  • OSU – Dept of Communication
    Sciences & Disorders
    Stillwater, 405.744.6021
  • SoonerStart
    Oklahoma City, 405.271.8333 
  • Speech Pathway, LLC
    Oklahoma City, 405.652.9683
  • United Access Mobility
    Oklahoma City, 888.939.1010

Oklahoma ABLE Tech

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University
1514 W. Hall of Fame
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 800.257.1705
Email: abletech@okstate.edu