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ABLE Tech provides forms, resources, and AT Consultations to guide educators in the provision of assistive technology to help students with disabilities reach their educational goals. We can assist you no matter where you are in the process.

Need assistance with choosing devices to consider, locating funding sources, or simply getting started? Request an AT Consultation and an ABLE Tech staff member will contact you through the assessment process.

ABLE Tech AT Consultations are modeled after the SETT Framework created by Dr. Joy Zabala and resources developed by the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI).

ABLE Tech AT Consultation Intake Form

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Follow the links below to access helpful forms and other resources we’ve gathered to guide you.

NOTE:  The OSDE-provided forms and documents linked below have typically been used by special education teachers in a written format, and the form fields are not accessible. If this presents any issue, please let us know, and we will work with you and OSDE to provide a solution.

AT Assessment Process

Step 1: Consideration and Referral
Consider whether the student is meeting his/her goals and whether assistive technology could improve student progress and outcomes.  

Step 1 Guide Page and Form Packet (PDF)

Individual Forms:

Step 2: Problem Identification
Use SETT Framework to collect information about:

Step 2 Guide Page and Form Packet

Individual Form:

WATI Student Information Guide Process Forms

Step 3: Observation
Gather information regarding the student’s activities in the environments in which he or she needs to participate.

Step 3 Guide Page and Form Packet

Individual Form:
Environmental Observation Summary (PDF)
Step 4: Solution Generation
A list of AT tools is generated by the team for trial with the student.

AT tool(s) obtained and used in customary environments to participate in identified tasks.

Step 4 Guide Page and Form Packet

Individual Forms:

Step 5: Solution Selection
Data from trials are used to determine AT Tools (devices and services) that will be needed for the student.

AT is provided and documented in the IEP

Step 5 Guide Page and Form Packet

Individual Forms:

Step 6: Implementation/Follow up
AT is implemented and student performance is monitored on an ongoing basis.

AT is meeting student’s needs = Continue monitoring

AT no longer meets student’s needs = Return to step 2 (ReSETT)

Step 6 Guide Page and Form Packet

Individual Forms:


Some comments from individuals we’ve assisted:

“You are easy to reach and very helpful.  In a world full of customer service centers that always say “Due to high volume of customers…..”  There is a real person with real answers that deliver quick solutions to help our students.”

“The staff have always been so helpful to assist with answering any questions that I have regarding the equipment. We are so blessed to have access to them.”

“Your help at ABLE Tech is invaluable. We could not make a decision of this magnitude without your support. Your staff is AMAZING!”

Let us hear from you! Send us your feedback – we appreciate knowing the good and your suggestions for improvement: abletech@okstate.edu

Borrow AT Devices to Trial

“Consultation is a process of dialogue that leads to a decision.” – Anonymous 

You can borrow AT Devices to Trial

Submit ABLE Tech Online Loan Request or read more about ABLE Tech Device Loan Program 

How do I know what devices to try? Check out these resources: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should participate in AT decision-making process? 

The AT decision making process begins with the IEP team and includes parents/guardians, school administrator, Special Education Teacher, and therapists such as occupational therapist, physical therapist, teacher of visually impaired, as needed. At least one person much be knowledgeable about AT. The IEP team should consult the school or district AT Support Team as needed, we invite you to consult knowledgeable resources as needed throughout the process!

Will ABLE Tech come to my school to conduct an assessment?

The short answer is no. Best practice is for district (IEP) Teams to consider and assess students’ needs for AT, consulting with AT Specialists within the district or from outside organizations when needed.

ABLE Tech is committed to helping schools provide quality AT services to students through trainings and consultations.
If you require more extensive services such as an on-site assessment, you may search the RESNA “Certified Professionals Directory to find a certified Assistive Technology Professional who provides services in Oklahoma.

Where do we get our recommendations?

Throughout the AT Assessment process, we recommend tools developed by the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI) and the SETT Framework developed by Dr. Joy Zabala. SETT stands for Student, Environments, Tasks, and Tools. Learn more at http://www.joyzabala.com/

Does the Oklahoma State Department of Education have policies regarding AT?
Yes! You’ll find Additional Resources from Oklahoma State Department of Education.
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