Device Reutilization Success Story- Debby

Debby is an older light-skinned woman with grey hair. She sits in a black reclining chair that is placed in front of a window. To the right of her, there is a side table with a blood pressure monitor and a house plant. On the wall behind her, there are several pieces of framed artwork.
This summer, Debby received several pieces of durable medical equipment (DME) from ABLE Tech’s Device Reutilization program in partnership with the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT), including a wheelchair, blood pressure monitor, a shower chair, and a lift chair.

Debby’s disabilities include arthritis, degenerative back disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. She was officially diagnosed when she was in her 50s but has experienced pain during work since she was 17 years old. Access to DME allows Debby to get out of her home and socialize with her community, friends, and family again. She said, “Now, I have a much brighter outlook on my place in this part of my life!”

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