2020 May Partner eNews

May 2020

2019 National Rankings

Oklahoma ABLE Tech is proud to report these national rankings for FFY19 as compared to other Assistive Technology State Act Programs.Trophy with Oklahoma icon

State-Level Programs

  • Device Demonstration: #1 out of 56 programs participating with a total of 6,807
  • Device Short-Term Loan: #3 out of 56 programs with a total of 2,719
  • Financial Loans: #1 out of 56 programs participating with a total of 273
  • Device Exchange: #1 out of 56 programs participating with a total of 2,656 
  • Device Reuse: #16 out of 52 programs participating with a total of 1,419

State Leadership Programs

  • Training: #6 out of 56 programs participating with a total of 3,869 
  • Information and Assistance: #4 out of 56 programs participating with a total of 11,057


SoonerStart & ABLE Tech Collaboration - Success Stories

Tulsa County Success Story

Tristan using a communication app on a tabletTristan is a 3-year-old with a diagnosis of Apraxia of speech. Tristan often becomes frustrated due to his inability to communicate needs and wants with daily activities. Recently, Tristan's SoonerStart provider trialed an iPad with LAMP that yielded excellent success. Tristan now becomes excited, gestures, and squeals when using the LAMP app on the iPad to communicate. Tristan's family borrowed an iPad from ABLE Tech’s Device Short-Term Loan Program for a six-week trial. After the trial of AT, the family and the IFSP team met with Berryhill School District for the transition conference. Berryhill School District has offered to download the LAMP app on the family's iPad to continue working on Tristan’s future communication needs.

Spotlight on Success

Slade is a 3-year-old from Cleveland County who is receiving services through the Moore Autism Center. He used ABLE Tech’s Short-Term Loan Program to trial a NovaChat for communication during therapy. Previously, Slade’s primary means of expression were screaming and crying.

With the use of the NovaChat in therapy, he is learning to communicate words and phrases by imitating the device. Slade can now express his wants, needs, and ideas with his speech-generating device.


Upcoming Events and Training

Please check the ABLE Tech website regularly for COVID-19 updates.

April 30th: Tech Thursday Microsoft Accessibility - Live Zoom Q&A

May 7th: Tech Thursday Microsoft Accessibility Pt. II - Live Zoom Q&A

May 14th: Tech Thursday Reutilization - Live Zoom Q&A

May 21st: Tech Thursday Hearing AT - Live Zoom Q&A

June 4th & 5th: Tech Access Oklahoma Conference - 2 day - Online Training

June 5th & June 12th: Funding AT for Students with Disabilities - Online Training

August 13th: TSHA Hearing Helpers Support Group Presentation - Tulsa

August 20th: On The Road - Tulsa

Oklahoma ABLE Tech

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