Financial News You Can Use – January 2021

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"It's Not Often We Meet Our Financial Loan Participants"

In January, we had the pleasure of welcoming Jeff Penick and Bob Massengale to our Advisory Council meeting. Jeff recently participated in a financial loan to purchase a recumbent trike for him and his wife to enjoy outdoor biking.

Jeff has a visual impairment and was looking for a way to stay active with his wife, Shelley, following his back surgery. Both enjoy biking so they looked into tandem biking. This allows one person to steer while they both pedal allowing Jeff the freedom to be active but with the safety of two people. They bought a bike that Bob modified for Jeff and Shelley. The front tires can be removed so that one bike can be hooked onto the back of the other to join them as a tandem or be left on if anyone else would like to ride separately.

Bob has been modifying these bikes for 12 years and has adapted one for a rider who has limitations using the upper trunk to steer and feet for both pedaling and braking. It was exciting to hear Jeff's story and passion for biking and that Bob was able to build a trike to accommodate his needs. Bikes were there for display and exploring in the lobby of Library for the Blind. It was a great learning opportunity for everyone in attendance. Pictured here with a model recumbent bike are: (left) Bob Massengale with Oklahoma Recumbent Trikes and Bikes (middle) Shelley Gladden with Oklahoma ABLE Tech, and (right) Jeff Penick.

Financial Education Collaboration

Money Smart

The FDIC's Money Smart financial education program can help people of all ages enhance their financial skills and create positive banking relationships. Learn here about Money Smart tools and strategies that you can use to teach others, as well as tools you can use to learn on your own. ABLE Tech and OkAT Foundation have collaborated with FDIC to offer simple topic fact sheets for our consumers. Currently, we have FAQs related to: Spending & Saving, Your Money Values & Influence, Credit Reports & Scores, Savings, Managing Your Debt, and Identity Theft & Fraud.

You can view these easy to read FAQs on our Financial Education page

Save The Date

Oklahoma’s Inaugural Financial Inclusion Summit

“Asset Creation & Preservation for People with Disabilities”

April 24: 11:00am-5:30pm 

April 25: 8:00am-12:00pm

 Thurman J. White Forum Building

The University of Oklahoma Norman, OK

Improve asset development & preservation outcomes for individuals with disabilities by bringing together leaders in the disability and asset building communities, local, state and federal government, the financial services sector and public and private employers to discuss strategies for improving financial access for individuals across the spectrum

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Want to learn firsthand about the partnership of the Financial Loan Program? Watch our most recent recorded webinar. The link to the YouTube webinar is here

ABLE Tech's financial loan program helps individuals purchase assistive technology. Shelley Gladden explains how ABLE Tech partners with the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) and BancFirst of Stillwater to provide financing options with low interest and flexible repayment terms.

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Oklahoma ABLE Tech is the statewide Assistive Technology Act Program proudly located at Oklahoma State University in the Department of Wellness. ABLE Tech's mission is to improve access to and acquisition of assistive technology (AT) for individuals with disabilities of all ages. We offer AT demonstrations, short term loans of AT, financial loans to purchase AT, and recycling AT programs.

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WORDS from our Borrowers

Jeffrey L, Norman, OK
AT purchased: 
Hand controls for vehicle
Purpose: Community Living
“This was the only way I would be able to get the equipment and be able to pay it out over time and not all upfront. This equipment gets me mobile again. I don’t have to rely on my aging mother to take me everywhere from doctor appointments, to the store, or over to other people’s homes and social activities.

Jacfus P., Tulsa, OK
AT purchased: 
Wheelchair lift for vehicle
Purpose: Community Living
“I chose to use this loan program because everyone was so helpful in helping me get the loan…. The device was very helpful to me to get around, continue to go to church, go to the store, shop, go to the doctor’s office and more. Thank you for being so helpful.”

Chris C., Shawnee, OK
AT purchased:
 Hearing aids
"I have insurance and they paid a portion of the hearing aids, but this was the only reasonable option to pay for non-insurance covered portion of the hearing aids. It was a simple application and credit check, all very timely… I can now hear people talking in big crowds again, I can hear my co-workers better at my work, which is very loud. The hearing aids are also helping address my tinnitus in both ears.”

Peggy B., Sulphur, OK
AT purchased: 
Hearing aids
Purpose: Community Living
“I didn’t qualify for the program. If I did qualify, they only give one hearing aid and I needed two. I can now hear – Thank you!”

Juanita H., Shawnee, OK
AT purchased: Hearing aids
Community Living
“We are in our 80’s and live on a fixed income. Low interest means payments will be low…. I was unable to hear conversations, but I just got my new hearing aids and I am hearing better. AS I become accustomed to them I know it will improve my quality of life.”

Julia F., Shawnee, OK
AT purchased: Hearing aids
Purpose: Employment
“I could not afford to pay for the hearing aids on my own… my audiologist told me about the financial loan program… The hearing aids have allowed me to hear the speakers more clearly during meetings at school. I can also carry on a more normal conversation without having to ask the person to repeat themselves.

James H., Sapulpa, OK
AT purchased: Hearing aids
Community Living
“I could not get a hearing aid any other way. I am now able to talk to people again, instead of being withdrawn. I can hear and understand people now, where as before, I didn’t talk much and couldn’t understand people.”