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Financial Loans for Assistive Technology

Financial Loan Program logoOklahoma ABLE Tech, in partnership with Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation and BancFirst of Stillwater, has been providing financial loans to purchase assistive technology (AT) since 2001. These loans have been primarily managed through our banking partner, BancFirst of Stillwater. In recent years, we have started transitioning some of those low dollar loans to an in house Direct Loan program. We believe this will ultimately make our program more sustainable, and still benefit the consumer in purchasing needed AT. While the transitional process created a bump or two for those navigating this program to always understand who to send the application to, depending on the amount requested to borrow; we are here to say “we can help”!

To apply for the financial loan program, you can access the application HERE - PDF or ONLINE
You can submit the application to Shelley Gladden via email:, or fax: 405-744-2487.

We will assist in making sure all necessary information is obtained, and depending on the total loan amount request, we will forward on to BancFirst as necessary. If you would like marketing materials to place in your office, please feel free to request those and we will supply you with them.

Learn More graphicWant more Information about the Financial Loan Program?

Contact us to schedule an in-service or orientation to the program! We are available Monday – Friday to provide 1:1 or group information to you and your service organization. If appropriate, it can be in person, remote conference, or webinar style in-service so you can learn everything you need to know and pass along to your consumer, family members, or staff.

Contact Shelley Gladden at 405-744-9863 or

OkAT Foundation Awarded CDFI TA Grant

Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT), ABLE Tech’s partner for managing the Financial Loan program, has been awarded a Technical Assistance grant through the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund. Technical Assistance grants are offered to organizations that are already CDFIs, or working towards becoming a Certifiable CDFIs to build their organizational capacity, grow, achieve organizational sustainability, and contribute to the revitalization of the populations they serve. The funds awarded will be used to develop infrastructure to expand our direct lending portfolio, design a business development and marketing plan to establish a strong pipeline of loans, and expand development services, including a financial educational component that is accessible. OkAT has hired a Director of Lending to facilitate the grant activities, Natalie Rohwer. Natalie joined OkAT Foundation in January, and has an extensive background in banking and lending. She will be guiding the organization towards that CDFI certification.

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund logoOklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation logo

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Words from our borrowers:

Dennis M., Westerville, OK
AT purchased: modified vehicle

I was referred by a friend who is a social worker, in a nursing home who helped someone else use this program. It has been a blessing being able to keep doctor appointments and not use the public transportation and to be able to go other places whenever I choose.

Shan C., Spencer, OK
AT purchased: Modified van

Purpose: employment

I have considered the need to purchase a new modified vehicle for several years. My last vehicle purchase was through this program. I have poor credit history due to medical bills, and had a good experience the last time I used this program. Outcome: my van was 14 years old and sorely needed replacing. This purchase was just in time. The cost of the conventional loan would have prevented me from replacing the old van. Now I travel to work and back in my new “spaceship” with no fear! The purchase was in collaboration with Department of Rehab Services, and this financial loan program.

Patsy W., Kiowa, OK
AT Purchased: hearing aids

Purpose: Community Living

Patsy has been considering purchasing hearing aids for about a year, but wasn’t able to afford them. After consulting with TSHA, she learned of this program. Patsy says, “I have only had my hearing aid for a couple of weeks and am still adjusting. It has significantly improved my hearing and ability to communicate. I am elderly and live alone, so my income is limited, so this has helped very much.”

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Oklahoma ABLE Tech is the statewide Assistive Technology Act Program proudly located at Oklahoma State University in the Department of Wellness. ABLE Tech's mission is to improve access to and acquisition of assistive technology (AT) for individuals with disabilities of all ages. We offer AT demonstrations, short term loans of AT, financial loans to purchase AT, and recycling AT programs.

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