Web Accessibility Resources


Accessibility in web pages and web applications is a big topic. There are different tools that you can use to design websites, build applications and create content. ABLE Tech has put together information from a lot of the different platforms below.

Lots of different kinds of files go into web pages, too. For information about Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat PDF, we have a page dedicated to document accessibility. The different kinds of documents that you upload to a website, online course or other digital tool need to be accessible, too.

General Web Accessibility

Accessible Tables

Web Accessibility Testing

Mobile Accessibility

Demonstration Websites

There are a couple of websites that show the differences, both in presentation and in structure, between accessible and inaccessible web pages. Use these to practice your website accessibility testing and experiment with different tools.

Content Management System (CMS) Resources

Content Management System platforms, or CMS platforms, allow people to more easily change and add content to web pages. We have put together a list of accessibility resources from some of the more popular. The list includes some of the web site building platforms as well.

Learning Management System (LMS) and Instructional Design Resources

Learning Management System, or LMS, platforms allow instructors to make instructional material for all levels of school and professional training in the workplace. We have accessibility resources for several of the widely used tools and platforms.