Audio and Video Accessibility

General Information

Captioning both live and recorded video is a requirement under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level AA. Providing audio description for pre-recorded video is also required. The WCAG requirements are included in Section 508 of the United States Rehabilitation Act and also in several state web accessibility laws. Oklahoma is one of those states.

Here is some information and tools that can help you get a handle on creating more accessible videos for the web:

Live Closed Captioning in Popular Platforms

Live captioning is best done by a human being. Automated technology is getting better at captioning all the time, however it is still not as accurate as it needs to be.

Captioning Services

Oklahoma ABLE Tech does not endorse one captioning service over others. The list below contains some services that provide live and/or post-recording captioning services:

Do-It-Yourself Tools

It is possible to provide captions to your multimedia after recording is done. The tools below will help with that:

Embedded Players

Accessible multimedia isn't just about transcripts and captions. If you have an embedded audio or video player on your website then you will need to make sure that it is accessible, too. Read about the things to keep in mind about embedded players here.

Audio Description