Ask Us Anything December 12, 2020

Accessible Charts and Tables

  1. Charts and data visualizations: Peat: Creating Accessible Data Visualizations
  2. Tables
    1. W3C WAI on Web Tables
    2. Accessible PDF Tables

Making Accessible Documents

  1. Oklahoma Works Access for All Accessibility Fact Sheets
  2. ABLE Tech ICT Accessibility Resources – Documents

Getting Started in Web Accessibility and Web Accessibility Testing

  1. W3C WAI Fundamentals of Accessibility
  2. W3C WAI Test & Evaluate Accessibility (especially easy checks)
  3. ABLE Tech ICT Accessibility
  4. WebAIM’s resoures, particularly WebAIM’s Quick Evaluation Guide

Accessibility Newsletters and Podcasts

  1. Newsletters
    1. WebAIM’s Newsletter
    2. A11y Weekly from David Kennedy
  2. Podcasts
    1. 13 Letters

Social Media

ABLE Tech Social Media Resources

Font Size

WebAIM Font Guidance

PowerPoint Content

Ted – 10 Tips for Better Slide Decks

Zoom and Microsoft Teams Accessibility

  1. Zoom Accessibility
  2. Microsoft Teams Accessibility