Success Stories – Device Loan

Betty, helped by NewViewBetty

Betty from Harrah, Oklahoma, was seen by NewView Oklahoma due to the progression of her decreased central vision by Macular Degeneration. At 83 years young Betty is still active in her town’s historical museum and works on computer programs often from her home. Betty was finding it very difficult to manage the keyboard and look at printed reports required for the job. She was able to trial several devices from ABLE Tech such as magnifiers, reading prismatic glasses, and large print high contrast keyboards. Betty borrowed the equipment as a trial and used it in her home where she was able to see how the equipment worked with the tasks that had become so difficult for her. On her next visit to her Occupational Trainer Assistant (OTA) she said there were several items that were a must-have. With this new equipment and the training she received she has renewed purpose and a sense of hope that she can continue her work at the museum as well as with many other tasks in her daily life.

Deanza, helped by NewViewDeanza

Deanza is a single mother to an eleven year old son and they recently moved in to a new place of their own. She has low vision and was unaware of all the equipment that was available to help people see better. She is grateful for the opportunity to borrow the different pieces of equipment from ABLE Tech and NewView without having to purchase them first. Deanza is currently homeschooling her son and found that using the 7+ prismatic glasses and a 3.5x HH magnifier helps her read better and, in turn, she can help her son complete his school work. Utilizing all these different pieces of assistive technology has increased her independence with everyday tasks.

9 year old reads better with C-Reader Pen9 year old

This Canadian county student, is 9 years old. He was needing assistance with reading.  The family contacted ABLE Tech to see if they could borrow the C-Reader Pen before purchasing one. The young man was able to read his first chapter book without assistance. This was such a good boost to his confidence. He is now able to read with independence and enjoys it.

Jordan receives help from Moore Autism CenterJordan

Jordan is a 4 year old from Cleveland County and is receiving services through Moore Autism Center.  He has been trialing an iPad with Proloquo2go to help him make selections of preferred items, label items, and overcome his non-verbal status. This has allowed Jordan to practice using the iPad in multiple settings. He has been able to decrease his frustrations of not being understood during educational learning and play.

Mr. Jobson helped by NewViewMr. Jobson

Mr. Jobson is an 80 year old man with Age Related Macular Degeneration and Contrast Sensitivity. He volunteers for Shriner’s a few days a week and does this to help spread the word to those in need of medical attention. His primary task there is to have individuals fill out an application for services. However, this job has become more difficult with his low vision and he has a harder time reading the applications and making sure all the correct information is filled out. He also loves to read the paper in the morning and has not done this leisure task in some time due to his low vision difficulties. NewView Oklahoma was able to come in and work with Mr. Jobson to enhance lighting in his home and, with assistive devices from both NewView and ABLE Tech, to improve contrast and increase the magnification of reading materials. Mr. Jobson felt these improvements really helped him see better, and stated “If it wasn’t for the help of NewView and Oklahoma ABLE Tech, I would no longer enjoy the simple things and might have to give up my volunteering.”

Kay is helped by Faye Donaldson Hearing HelpersKay

Kay is an Edmond resident that came to the Faye Donaldson Hearing Helpers Room looking for help with T.V. audio. She was able to borrow the Sennheiser wireless TV amplifier and headphones to try with her television. She is very appreciative of the demonstration and loan and now feels she could make a decision to purchase one for herself.