2020 April Partner eNews

April 2020

Partner Program News

Sanitization Practice

Thank you for your participation in the ABLE Tech partner meeting via zoom last week. It was such a successful meeting and everyone met the challenge of virtual participation! For those of you who may have missed due to the unusual circumstances, the content was focused on the practice of sanitization of equipment in the device demonstration and short-term loan programs. ABLE Tech shared the sanitization practice and expectations of partners following a sanitization routine in general, but especially as it relates to COVID-19. Please refer to the Sanitization Policy (pdf) if you do not have procedures of your own, or reference the materials from AT3 Center sent previously. Again, the ABLE Tech Sanitization Policy is included here.

As ABLE Tech begins to re-implement short-term loans to the public (date to be determined), we have developed FAQs for moving forward, especially with students learning in their homes during this pandemic. If your place of operation is still on hold, please feel free to reach out to ABLE Tech for the availability of equipment to accommodate those you serve for short-term loans and staff assistance for demonstrations.

NATADS Tip Sheet

As ABLE Tech and its partners begin to transition to NATADS Day2Day activity, we developed some user tip sheets to help you navigate! We will be working with each of you and provide additional training as needed, but please familiarize yourself with the new Day2Day tabs and reference the attached user NATADS DAY2DAY Tip Sheet (pdf) or NATADS DAY2DAY Tip Sheet (doc)!


Spotlight on Success

Jacoby, a first-grade student at Woodward Public Schools, has a vision impairment and is learning to fluently read braille. He loves to attend school with his peers and enjoys being independent.

NewView Oklahoma, through a partnership with ABLE Tech’s Demonstration and Short-Term Loan Program, has been able to provide him resources he otherwise may not have had. He has more learning opportunities now and is gaining confidence. ABLE Tech and NewView Oklahoma love seeing the difference being made in big ways!

Assistive Technology Device Feature

Vario Digital FHD Advanced

The Vario Digital FHD Advanced is a fold-able desktop video magnifier with outstanding image quality, compact design and customizable settings. It has large tactile buttons and the dials are easy-to-use and feature voice output when in menu mode. Images can be captured and stored on a removable 8GB SD card and viewed either on the LCD screen or on a computer monitor by connecting the type C USB cable.

View the Device Loan Program here.


Upcoming Events

Two AT Funding Virtual Workshops Offered in June 

ABLE Tech’s “Funding Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities” on June 5, or again on June 12, is turning virtual! This is a workshop that is being provided through ABLE Tech’s State Department of Education contract services and will focus on funding resources and grant writing. More details will be available in next month’s issue of Partner eNews! 

Oklahoma ABLE Tech

CONTACT: ABLE Tech, abletech@okstate.edu