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September 2019

Upcoming Events

Partner Meeting
September 13th, 2019
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
OSU Seretean Wellness Center Lecture Hall
1514 W Hall of Fame Ave, Stillwater, OK 74078

ABLE Tech is excited as always to host Demonstration and Loan Partners at the semi-annual partner meeting at the Seretean Wellness Center Lecture Hall. The newly renovated auditorium looks and sounds great! 

A separate email will be sent for you to RSVP who from your organization will be attending. Agenda items will include: reviewing the new MOA, introducing Public Awareness activities, a tour of ABLE Tech’s new Smart Home interactive display demonstration area and new inventory management system, as well as two partner program highlights and the AT used for the clients being served. ABLE Tech looks forward to seeing you again in September!

Please enter any demonstration and loan information by September 5, 2019, for all activity through August 31, 2019. This data will be reviewed at the partner meeting.

Partner Program News
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As October 1st fast approaches, it is time to review and renew partner Memorandum of Agreements (MOAs). This year, MOAs have been streamlined and edits have been made for readability. The definitions for device demonstrations and short-term loans (if you are a loan partner) are included upfront and set a clear context for the rest of the MOA terms.

New: Included at the bottom of the MOA will be the following:

  • logo
  • mailing address
  • list of branded promotional item options

Please confirm your logo, mailing address, and choose one of the branded promotional items for ABLE Tech to purchase as an additional incentive for the partnership. ABLE Tech needs this information no later than October 1st.

MOAs will be in the mail today or tomorrow, so be on the lookout! Options for returning the signed agreements include:

  • Mailing them back to ABLE Tech by October 1st:
    Attn: Allyson Robinson
    1514 W Hall of Fame
    Stillwater, OK 74078
  • Bringing them to the partner meeting at ABLE Tech on September 13th

ABLE Tech is so excited to be partnering with you, again, and looks forward to another amazing year of helping Oklahomans with disabilities and their caregivers connect with needed assistive technology!

Spotlight on Success Christian using ipad

Christian is a 7-year-old, from Cleveland County, who receives speech therapy through Moore Autism Center. He was introduced to an iPad with the communication app Proloquo2Go for translating his needs. This successful demonstration led to the family receiving an iPad device loan for six weeks from ABLE Tech. They have since acquired one to allow Christian to spontaneously communicate and demonstrate his sense of humor with everyone.

Thanks to our partners for sharing great success stories!

AT for Time and Task Management

Posted on AT3 Blog by Eliza J. Anderson

We all work to manage our time. Adults and children with learning disabilities (LD) may find time management particularly hard. Below are some tips, tech, and strategies to consider for keeping on top of school and work tasks. The suggestions are informed by this SmartKidsWithLD.org blog post and enriched by our network of State AT Programs (and other resources).

Use a printed planner or an electronic calendar

Already have a smartphone? Always start with tech a person is already comfortable using. View a week at a time and record all work and school commitments as well as social plans. If the person is using an electronic planner, consider using notifications and listing tasks, as with Google Calendar. Notifications can be scheduled to remind us when to do tasks or what is coming up next. Visual calendars can also be helpful for many learners. Examples (for people with LD): Choiceworks app and calendarVisual Schedule Planner app

Show time passing

Some individuals benefit from an analog clock that helps show how long a task is taking. This is helpful for learning to pace tasks and for tracking time spent on an activity. Example: Time Timer app

Make tasks achievable

Few of us work well when we are overwhelmed from the outset. Break projects down into manageable parts. (For example, write a paragraph, not the whole essay). Consider a wipe board for visually listing tasks and wiping them away once accomplished. Adults may enjoy the free Todoist app and Remember the Milk. For children with LD there are many app options including the First Then Visual Schedule

Consider using timers and buzzers

These can help a person transition from one task to another and keep track of time. Again, consider tech the individual is already using and if these features are available (such as with a smartphone or tablet).  Standalone AT options include this Talking Alarm Clock, also this icon-based smartwatch for kids that uses vibrating notifications, and this vibrating smartwatch for adults.

Consider a playlist of music

Music can help provide structure and rhythm for activities. A set playlist used routinely is an auditory way of keeping track of time passing. It can also soothe or get a person moving depending on what you choose to play and how it’s used.

Interested in learning more about these AT suggestions for time and task management? North Dakota Assistive has a wonderful blog that explores many of these technologies. Start with Apple Apps to Help with Task Management.

Assistive Technology Device Feature

Revibe Connect Watch

3 Revibe watchesRevibe Connect is a new vibration reminder wristband designed to help students and adults who struggle with on-task behavior. Revibe encourages users to spend more time engaged, reducing the need for interventions. In addition to its automated vibration reminders, Revibe lets the user create custom text messages to appear on its screen at designated times throughout the day.

To learn more about the Revibe Watch, including vendor information and cost, or other AT available through the ABLE Tech demonstration and loan programs, visit the ABLE Tech inventory webpage.

All ABLE Tech items are available for interagency loans. Contact Shelby Sanders for more information about this item or others. 

Sign up now for this FREE Assistive Technology Workshop Series!

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The ABLE Tech Workshop Series on AT Assessment is FREE and will provide the knowledge and tools educators need to provide AT for students with disabilities. This 3-part series consists of one full day of training each month over three consecutive months. The series will be offered in Enid during the Fall 2019 school semester and repeated in Shawnee in Spring 2020. School districts can use Project 613 funds to cover expenses for substitute teachers and travel so they may attend.

Register by the Sept. 5th deadline today!

Oklahoma ABLE TechStay tuned: More information to follow from ABLE Tech!

CONTACT: Shelby Sanders, shelby.sanders@okstate.edu