SoonerStart Success Stories

2-year old with GoTalk NOW appThe 2-year-old girl to the right has been working toward expressing her wants and needs using the GoTalk NOW app on the iPad! She usually expresses herself with gestures, body language, and facial expression.

She is now able to use the device to make requests, give commands, and indicate choices during age appropriate activities, such as playing ball, blowing bubbles, and reading a book!
SoonerStart Team: Creek County

3-year old and picture scheduleAnd, the 3-year-old to the right was able to participate successfully in potty time and dressing during her morning routine when she used her assistive technology! Prior to the use of the picture schedule, she was "negotiating or refusing" to participate. With the picture schedule, the family was able to initiate the routine, support the sequence of activities, and signal "all done" or completion of the activity. The pictures shifted focus away from "refusals" and power struggles that can occur in daily routines in the world of a toddler. Over time, she has become more independent with self-care and the family learned to redirect her to the routine using the pictures/picture schedule. They also applied the same strategies to mealtime routines.
SoonerStart Team: Cleveland County


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SoonerStart Collaboration Recognition Winners

SoonerStart teams who strive to increase awareness of and access to assistive technology for Oklahoma families are recognized each quarter and at the end of the year. Recognition winners receive new assistive technology to include in their county kits, allowing families the opportunity to demonstrate the items.