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June 2019

Pediatric Walkers Still AVAILABLE!

Snag them while they last! ABLE Tech still has 10 walkers to distribute. The remaining walkers will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. The criteria are as follows:

  • The child must receive SoonerStart services and not be a SoonerCare member.
  • The child must receive guidance from a Physical Therapist to assist with matching the equipment.
  • Long-term loans to children for as long as they may need it.
  • Walkers are donated back to ABLE Tech once the child outgrows the walker, the child ages out of SoonerStart, or when it is no longer needed (whichever comes first).

To access the application form to the remaining pediatric walkers: SoonerStart webpage

AT Feature & Tip:

weighted vest on boy
Weighted Vest

Weighted AT

Children who use any type of weighted AT, such as a vest or blanket, often have improved attention and processing, as well as a decrease in negative behavior. Weighted materials may also help decrease self-stimulatory behaviors such as hand flapping or jumping around. Weighted materials provide deep physical pressure that is calming to the nervous system.

Remember, when using weighted AT items the load should only be 5-10% of the child’s body weight. Start low with percentages and increase only if there is minimal benefit from the AT. The recommended time is 1 hour with the weight on followed by 1 hour with the weight off. A child might need weighted AT in various environments such as the start of the day; after playing outside; during music, art, or sports activities; while seated for tasks; before bed and in a busy, public environment.

Explore our Weighted AT Inventory


FREE Pediatric Item Available!

ABLE Tech has a Miniwalk available through the Exchange Program that is in good condition. The seller is willing to give this item away for FREE!

The Miniwalk size 1 is an indoor/outdoor gait trainer that will easily accommodate children from 1 ½ to 4 years of age. This heavy duty walking item can easily support up to 88 lbs.

MiniWalk in ABLE Tech Exchange Program 

Reporting Reminder:

Make sure you submit your demonstrations of AT to ABLE Tech to be in the running for $500 of AT each quarter. 

Remember a demo is the FIRST time you show a piece of AT to a child/family and help them decide if it will meet the child’s needs. If the same item is used a second time for the same function, it should not be reported to ABLE Tech.

If you need further assistance with collecting and submitting your demonstrations. 
Call Amy: 405-744-7734 

Fax: 405-744-2487

ABLE Tech Device Exchange and Reuse Programs

Did you know that items can be purchased or given to others through the ABLE Tech Device Exchange or Reuse Programs? The items vary based on availability as to what ABLE Tech receives. A complete list of the available items can be found at the following website pages:
ABLE Tech Exchange Program - Available Items
ABLE Tech Reuse Program - Available Items

Phone: 405.523.4810 or 833.431.9706


Need funding to assist in the purchase of assistive devices? Oklahoma ABLE Tech offers a comprehensive online guide for Oklahoma Funding for AT. Additionally, ABLE Tech, in partnership with Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) and BancFirst of Stillwater, offers Financial Loans to purchase assistive technology. Several programs of funding are available, all with LOW-interest rate and flexible repayment terms, as well as special qualification opportunities for applicants who might not qualify for a traditional bank loan. Call 800.257-1705 for more information.

Sandra Wright, PhD.,
CCC/Speech-Language Pathologist
Oklahoma ABLE Tech

Oklahoma State University
1514 W. Hall of Fame, Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 800.257.1705

Amy Woods, OTA/L, 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Oklahoma ABLE Tech
Oklahoma State University
1514 W. Hall of Fame, Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 800.257.1705

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