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August 2019  

New Kit Items Available!

ABLE Tech is excited to announce the purchase of five new assistive technology (AT) items for all SoonerStart AT kits. These items were selected based on feedback received from SoonerStart personnel. To receive these items, ABLE Tech requests that the following items are returned or a donation form be submitted showing that the item(s) were provided to families for free:

Please return these items and/or donation forms below.

  1. Every Move Counts Clicks and Chats – EMC3
  2. Switch Toy - Rainforest Waterfall
  3. Switch Interface
  4. VoicePal 8k

NEW Kit Items! New 2019 Media Kit items

  1. Uncle Goose Braille Math Blocks
  2. Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat
  3. Bright Stars Light and Learn Drum
  4. EazyHold Universal Cuff
  5. Tri-suction Plate

Pediatric Walker Project: Success Story

Ella using her new walker outsideElla, a two-year-old outgoing precious girl, received a small Nimbo walker through the collaboration between Creek County SoonerStart and ABLE Tech’s Pediatric Walker Project.

In her first few years of life, Ella underwent three open-heart surgeries, as well as multiple heart procedures. Ella has limitations in strength, endurance, and ability to walk independently. Ella enjoys being outside. Ella demonstrated a desire to be functionally mobile when outdoors. The Nimbo pediatric walker was the perfect assistive technology (AT) device to facilitate Ella’s desire to be more independent in her mobility.

The Pediatric Walker Project collaboration between ABLE Tech and SoonerStart made this little girl extremely happy! Ella can independently walk throughout the home, play outside, and be functionally mobile within the community. Ella is now able to go wherever her heart desires!

Please join ABLE Tech in distributing the last remaining pediatric walkers for long-term use. Tell all fellow occupational and physical therapists, as well as SoonerStart personnel about ABLE Tech’s Pediatric Walker Project before they miss out on the last five walkers.

Learn more about the Pediatric Walker Project 

AT Tip: The Sensory System 

ABLE Tech will be covering AT as it relates to the sensory system over the next several months in the SoonerStart newsletter. Typically, the sensory system is known to have five categories: vision, hearing, olfactory, touch, and taste. Many people do not realize there are three additional sensory systems: 1) proprioceptive, 2) interoception, and 3) vestibular systems.

In this edition of the newsletter, vision will be covered.

The visual sense is the brain’s ability to use the eye to perceive the environment and one’s self to organize and interpret stimuli. There are nine visual perception building blocks:

  • Sensory processing
  • Visual attention
  • Visual discrimination
  • Visual memory
  • Visual-spatial relation
  • Visual sequential
  • Visual ground figure
  • Visual form consistency
  • Visual closure

Some red flags, that indicate the visual sense for the birth to three population may not be typically developing, are sensitivity to light, squinting or rubbing eyes, bumping into objects, difficulty catching a ball, tracking objects, and trouble recognizing colors or shapes.

Examples of AT to facilitate the development of the visual sense include light boards with contrasting objects such as bright plastic tumblers, sunglasses, bright-colored pool noodles for furniture placement indicators, bright shape knob puzzles, color overlays, light-up toys to increase tracking, vibration toys, and bell or beeper balls. See below.

Yellow Beeper Ball
Boom'r Beeper Ball
Puzzle with yellow light box
Puzzle with Lightbox
10 square colored overlays
Colored Overlays

Check out the ABLE Tech website to borrow some of these items from the vision segment of the loan inventory here


Reporting Reminder

Remember to submit demonstrations of AT along with a success story to be in the running for $500 of AT each quarter! 

If you need further assistance with collecting and submitting your demonstrations. 
Call Amy: 405-744-7734 
Fax: 405-744-2487


ABLE Tech Device Exchange and Reuse Programs

Tan Bolster Available for FREE

The ABLE Tech Device Exchange has a tan bolster to give away. The bolster is in good condition. Bolsters are excellent for seating, positioning, and weight-bearing. Get this free item today!

Did you know that items can be purchased or given to others through the ABLE Tech Device Exchange or Reuse Programs?
A complete list of the available items can be found at the following website pages:
ABLE Tech Exchange Program - Available Items
ABLE Tech Reuse Program - Available Items

Phone: 405.523.4810 or 833.431.9706

Financial Loans for Assistive Technology

Oklahoma ABLE Tech, in partnership with Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) and BancFirst of Stillwater, offers Financial Loans to purchase assistive technology. Several programs of funding are available, all with LOW-interest rate and flexible repayment terms, as well as special qualification opportunities for applicants who might not qualify for a traditional bank loan. Call 800.257-1705 for more information.

ABLE Tech logo on Monitor

More Assistive Technology Information

ABLE Tech has archived videos and webinars on the Oklahoma ABLE Tech YouTube channel. Please visit the channel for recorded webinars pertaining to AT on the following page:

Sandra Wright Hackler, PhD.,
CCC/Speech-Language Pathologist
Oklahoma ABLE Tech

Oklahoma State University
1514 W. Hall of Fame, Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 800.257.1705

Amy Woods, OTA/L, 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Oklahoma ABLE Tech
Oklahoma State University
1514 W. Hall of Fame, Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 800.257.1705

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