SoonerStart AT Assessment Kit

SoonerStart AT Assessment Kit

SoonerStart AT Assessment Kit

The assistive technology (AT) assessment kit may be used for device demonstrations (also known as assessments). An assessment compares the features and benefits of a particular AT device or category of devices for an individual or small group of individuals (or family). The purpose of an assessment is to enable the individual to make an informed decision.

The following inventory list (below the form link) includes some of the types of AT devices found in the SoonerStart kits. Every quarter, SoonerStart teams submit their demonstrations to Oklahoma ABLE Tech for the opportunity to win additional kit items of their choice. Therefore, kits may include an additional array of AT devices such as iPads, positioning and mobility devices, and daily living equipment.

SoonerStart AT Assessment Form

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Category Description Accessories
AAC Communication 7-Level Black Communication Builder 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 Grids
AAC Communication Voice Pal 8K 1 Taction Pad
AAC Communication BIGmack - Red 1 Cable, Instruction Book
Book/Video Every Move Counts Book & Video (#076-164749X) None
Computer Access Switch Interface Pro 5.0 Instruction Book
Computer Software Boardmaker CD, Manual
Educational Bouncing Butterfly Instruction Book
Educational Tape Recorder Instruction Book
Educational Vibrating Pillow None
Environmental Small Personal Fans None
Mobility/Seating Versa Form Positioning Pillow Repair Kit
Mobility/Seating Versa Form Vacuum Pump Rubber Replacement Ring
Safety Alert/Health 25 piece Mini Tool Kit None
Safety Alert/Health Analog Battery Tester None
Switches Big Red Switch - Blue Instruction Book
Switches Dual Switch & Latch Timer Cable, Instruction Book
Switches Mini Pal Pad Goes with Voice Pal 8K
Switches Notching File None
Switches Pal Pad Switch Small - Yellow Instruction Book
Switches PowerLink3 - Dual Instruction Book
Switches Jelly Bean Switch - Red Instruction Book
Switches Spec Switch - Yellow Screwdriver, Flange Base, Strap Base, Base
Switches Wobble Switch on Base None
Visual Aids Mini Lite Box with Carrying Case Instructions, Rechargeable Batteries, AC Adapter
Visual Aids Mini Lite Transparent Overlays 1 Clear Overlay, 4 Colored Overlays, 1 Sheet of Clear, Flexible, Plastic
Visual Aids Plexiglass Spinner & Patterns Spinner, 3 Sets of Spinners
Switches Battery Adapter AA None
Switches Battery Adapter CD None
AAC - Communication Every Move Counts Clicks & Chats - EMC3 Manual
Environmental Weighted Vest 20 packet at 1/4 lb. each
Switches Grip Switch Switches
Switches Grip Kit 5 Different Colored Grips - Used with Grip Switch
Switches Movement Sensor Switch Switches
Switches Sound Activated Switch Switches
Switches Twitch Switch Switches
Recreation Bubble Mania Toy Switch-Activated Devices
Recreation CD Player Toy Switch-Activated Devices
Recreation Rainforest Waterfall Toy Switch-Activated Devices
Recreation Spinning Light Show Toy Switch-Activated Devices