Chewy Tube Success Story – Bethany

Bethany, a little girl with light skin and light hair, sits in a playground swing and smiles while reaching her arm out for the camera.
Join us in celebrating a successful assistive technology (AT) experience!
Two-year-old Bethany is a happy kid who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in extra genetic material from chromosome 21. At home, Bethany began to bite, so her mom started looking for ways to redirect those behaviors.
Oklahoma ABLE Tech staff assisted the Creek County SoonerStart program in reorganizing their AT devices for more efficient use. While reorganizing the AT devices, several pieces of equipment were discovered. These included multiple styles of Chewy Tubes. The Creek County provider demonstrated different chewy tubes with Bethany.
Chewy Tubes are t-shaped oral motor devices that provide calming stimulation or fill a need to chew. The Chewy Tube allows Bethany to bite something in a controlled environment. Since trialing the Chewy Tube, Bethany’s mom offers it to her frequently throughout her day, and as a result, Bethany bites much less.
Moving forward, Bethany’s mom hopes to continue to help Bethany find ways to meet her sensory needs through assistive technology (AT).
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