Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month

Haylee sits in a desk chair with the Weighted Dry Erase Board in her lap as she types on an open laptop sitting on the board.
May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Did you know assistive technology (AT) can be used to reduce stress in the workplace? Two good examples of AT for stress relief in our Device Short-Term Loan inventory are the Weighted Dry Erase Board and Squigz.

The Weighted Dry Erase Board is ideal to address pressure or sensory needs. Weighted products like this lap pad provide proprioceptive input to the joints, helping to organize and calm the body. Place the board in your lap and use it as a laptop table or a whiteboard!

Squigz are suction cup builders that come in versatile shapes and many colors. Squigz pieces connect easily and pop apart. The pieces leave no residue or marks and can be used on walls, windows, tabletops, and desktops. Squigz can be used at your work desk as a fidget toy!

If you are interested in borrowing these devices, or finding others that may help to alleviate stress, visit our Device Loan Program webpage at https://bit.ly/3G2g3bu.

Haylee sits at her work desk and uses her mouse with her right hand and plays with a blue, four-sided Squigz in her left hand.