Back-to-school Assistive Technology

An index finger holds the blue Finger Focus Highlight to Go over about four words of text in a children's book. The illustration on the page is of a red heeler dog curled up in a bed on the seat of a car.
It's back-to-school season! Check out these assistive technology (AT) devices that are perfect for use in or out of the classroom!
The Finger Focus Highlight to Go provides tactile and visual support to individuals as they read text. This device helps break apart difficult words and increase focus on reading one word to another.
The Rocketbook Cloud Cards are 3-inch by 5-inch reusable flashcards. Simply write on them using the provided markers or Pilot FriXion pens, let them dry, and wipe them clean with a damp cloth when ready to reuse them.
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The Rocketbook Cloud Cards sit on a black desk. Three notecards with biology vocab are readable: Homeotherm; What is the final fate of glucose; and Loss of water in the form of vapor. Behind the notecards are a stack of textbooks and an open Macbook.