AT Feature: Etac Turner Pro

The Etac Turner Pro Transfer Aid is about three feet tall, with a grey disc base, chrome support bar, adjustable leg cushions, and an orange, oval-shaped handle.

For the month of April, we're highlighting assistive technology (AT) from the Seating, Positioning, and Mobility category. Take a look at this specific AT showcasing of the Etac Turner Pro!

The Etac Turner Pro Transfer sit-to-stand aid makes transfers between beds, chairs, wheelchairs, and toilets an easy and seamless process that enhances patient and caregiver safety. This device has wheels for accessible environment transitions and is foldable for car transport. The design allows users to hold the top handle to stand up and then turn to the new sitting location. This item's ergonomic structure and function also promote good posture for the user and the caregiver who assists them, making it easier for the caregiver to balance their weight against the patient's safety. Finally, the bright orange dual-handle is easy for users with vision impairment or dementia to see.

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