Daily Living Employment Case Study: Chef Navigating Employment Post-Stroke

A chef sustained a stroke, leaving him with left-side weakness/fatigue, limited strength and dexterity in his left hand, and he wants to return to his position at a restaurant

He has limited strength and dexterity in his left hand, making grasping tools difficult. The chef is mostly concerned about the grasp of a spatula to use the restaurant grill. He walks long distances with support from a cane. In the kitchen, he uses countertops for support when he only needs to take a step or two.

Possible Recommendations:

Initially, the kitchen should be set up so he can work in a defined area without the need to move to different stations. He may need a lower counter/workstation to be able to sit at times and still prepare food. There are several AT options for flipping/turning food in a skillet/pan that may make his tasks easier including the Double Spatula, Peta L-Shaped Spatula, and the Spatula EZ Flip.

Goals and Outcomes:

Implementing AT in the kitchen will help the employee will return to his job as a chef.

Case Study Forms – HAAT Model:

Sample Solutions:

Double Spatula

Two standard spatulas in one device.

Peta L-Shaped Spatula

A fish spatula on an ergonomic swivel handle.

Spatula EZ Flip

A spatula with a trigger-type handle.

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