Daily Living Employment Case Study: Adult Wheelchair User with a Spinal Cord Injury

An adult male with spinal cord injury uses a wheelchair for mobility.

He has multiple job interviews scheduled. During the interviews, the job seeker would prefer to transfer to an office chair. Chairs are easily accessible in his home and he currently does not require any AT for transfers within the home.

Possible Recommendations:

Low-tech solutions are to remove an armrest and footrest from the wheelchair to allow him to transfer to a desk chair. Mid-tech solutions for chair transfers are a Soft Transfer Swivel Cushion and a Beasy Transfer Board. High-tech solutions for wheelchair transfers are mechanical lifts like the Uplift Power Seat.

Goals and Outcomes:

The job seeker will transfer to office chairs during job interviews.

Case Study Forms – HAAT Model

Sample Solutions: 

Soft Transfer Swivel Cushion

The blue circular cushion is placed in a car seat. Arrows are superimposed onto the image to indicate that the cushion spins.

Beasy Transfer Board

A white oblong device with a seat in the middle.

Uplift Power Seat

The power seat is shown in the extended position. It looks like a typical office chair seat with power cords.

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