Daily Living Employment Case Study: 45-year-old Recovering from Finger Amputation


A 45-year-old medical transcriber is recovering from left-hand finger amputation from a car accident

The accident resulted in the amputation of his left hand fingers. The employee and his employers have arranged several pieces of AT to help him complete his transcribing assignments, but he has just one problem at work. He is unable to manipulate his clothing fasteners after using the restroom. The employee is embarrassed to ask for help and has remained silent about the issue. He has been wearing pants with no fasteners. He would like to begin wearing his dress pants to work again.

Possible Recommendations:

The employee currently uses no-tech solutions for his situation by wearing clothing with no fasteners like buttons/zippers. As a mid-tech solution, he could keep a dressing tool like a Button Hook with Zipper Pull or a Pocket Dresser in his pocket to use when fastening buttons/zippers. A high-tech solution could be custom-made dress pants with magnetic fasteners.

Goals and Outcomes:

The employee will wear slacks with fasteners such as buttons/zippers to work and will independently fasten them.

See the attached Human Activity Assistive Technology (HAAT) Model form to see how to match the employee to needed AT.

Case Study Forms – HAAT Model

Sample Solutions:

Button Hook with Zipper Pull

A small device with attachments on either end, one for threading buttons, one for closing zippers.

Pocket Dresser

A multi tool with attachments to help close buttons, pull zippers, etc.

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