Daily Living Education Case Study: 8-year-old with Difficulty Tying Her Shoes

An 8-year-old girl no longer tries to tie her shoes on her own due to frustration and embarrassment. She relies on her peers, teachers, and other school personnel to tie her shoes multiple times a day

Possible Recommendations:

A low-tech AT solution is for her caregiver to tightly, double knot her shoelaces each morning or wear shoes with no laces like FlyEase and ZeroTie shoes. Mid-tech solutions that increase independence with shoe tying are HICKIES elastic shoelaces, Lock Laces, and Zubits.

Goals and Outcomes:

The student will tie her shoes independently. The student will tie shoes with adaptive laces.

Case Study Forms – SETT Framework:

Sample Solutions:


Red rubber band-type devices are used in place of the shoe laces on a white sneaker

Lock Laces

A pink bungee-lace system is in place on a black sneaker


A pair of red Zubits. There are holes on either side for laces to be threaded through.

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