Daily Living Education Case Study: 3-year-old with Toileting Accidents


A 3-year-old preschool student, with toileting accidents, possibly caused by distractions while playing with other children. The child attends a 3-day-a-week Mother’s Day Out Program

The student often has difficulty with urinary accidents during preschool. His mother reports minimal accidents at home. The teacher reports distraction due to playing with other children could be the cause of the accidents.

Possible Recommendations:

A low-tech AT solution for decreasing urinating accidents is a daily toileting schedule, a rewarding sticker chart, or a bathroom buddy. Mid- to high-tech AT solutions to increase independence with toileting include the Time Tracker, a timer app on a smart device like a Time Timer App, and a toileting time alert system such as the Potty Watch.

Goals and Outcomes:

The student will decrease the number of toileting accidents during the Mother’s Day Out Program.

Case Study Forms – SETT Framework:

Sample Solutions:

Time Tracker

A timer with red, yellow, and green sections that provide visual timing cues to the user.

Time Timer App

screenshot of a timer with the clock about two-thirds filled with red.

Potty Watch

A small watch with a blue band. The featured listed say "Water Resistant, BPA Free, Large Screen."

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