Daily Living Community Living Case Study: 75-year-old Woman Recovering from a Broken Arm


A 75-year-old woman with no known cognitive deficits, but who is hard of hearing, recently broke her left arm and is non-weight-bearing on the broken arm

During in-patient therapy, the woman has a tough time avoiding using her left arm. She will be returning home with her husband. She is worried about independently undressing/dressing during toileting activities while her husband is away from home.

Possible Recommendations:

She could borrow a few daily living dressing items in the loan library of the state's AT program. Some options include: WingPants Trouser Dressing Board or EZ Reacher

Goals and Outcomes:

The woman will be able to pull down/up her pants independently while toileting.

Case Study Forms – HAAT Model:

Sample Solutions:

WingPants Trouser Dressing Board

A blue w-shaped device with a center stick.

Dressing Stick

A long stick with L-shaped attachments on the end.

EZ Reacher - Locked

Three different views of the EZ Reacher, an up-close of the handle, and up-close of the grabber, and the whole device.

If you are interested in trialing one of these recommended devices, apply for a short-term loan via our Device Loan Program webpage.