Daily Living Community Living Case Study: Elderly Man with Problems Taking Medication Consistently


An elderly man in an assisted living community in the initial stages of dementia is inconsistent in taking medication.

His family has concerns he is not consistently taking his medication. The gentleman refuses to use the assisted living staff to dispense his medication.

Possible Recommendations:

Low-tech AT solutions are visual medication schedules or handwritten checklists. Mid-tech AT solutions are weekly or monthly pill dispensers with the family setting up the pills each week/month, an alarm clock for reminders, an Automatic Pill Dispenser, or a Medication Dispenser Automative. A high-tech AT solution is a virtual reality caretaker via the web.

Goals and Outcomes:

The resident will correctly and independently take his medication with the use of AT.

See the attached HAAT Model form to see how to match the gentleman to the needed AT.

Case Study Forms – HAAT Model:

Sample Solutions:

Automatic Pill Dispenser

An opened white pill container with many wills and a clock face/timer.

Medicine Dispenser Automative

A blue circle with a clock face in the center and a single opened well.

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