Daily Living Community Living Case Study: 3-year-old Boy with Difficulty Sleeping


A 3-year-old boy has difficulty falling asleep at night, and experiences head banging against the wall or bed and constant arm movement

He constantly moves his limbs and bangs his head against the wall or bed to self-soothe. His caregivers are concerned about his safety due to excessive movement and head banging.

Possible Recommendations:

No- to low-tech AT solutions could be sensory regulation activities within the home for 30 minutes before bedtime. This combined with a low-stimulus environment may be beneficial. Mid-tech AT solutions include soothing bedtime items such as a white noise machine, a weighted blanket, a soothing/vibrating stuffed toy like a Summer Infant Slumber Buddy, and a Swaddle Me Good Vibes Crib Wedge. A high-tech AT item is a vibrating/adjustable mattress.

Safety Note: If choosing the weighted blanket, consult with an OT or other professional to determine the needed weight of the blanket based on the weight of the child.

Goals and Outcomes:

The boy will self-soothe for bed without harming himself.

Case Study Forms – HAAT Model:

Sample Solutions:

Summer Infant Slumber Buddy

A green and blue elephant stuffie.

Weighted Blanket

A blanket with a navy interior and checkered exterior.

Swaddle Me Good Vibes Crib Wedge

A white wedged pillow with a patterned cover and handle on the wide end.

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