Adapted Battery Operated Scissors

The Adapted Battery Operated Scissors are plugged into the purple Slo Poke Turtle switch.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? At Oklahoma ABLE Tech, we have many assistive technology (AT) devices available for short-term loans that can aid in making crafts like Valentine’s cards!

The Adapted Battery Operated Scissors is an easy-to-use switch-adapted pair of scissors that make class participation and craft activities possible. Just activate your switch to cut through most paper. It is also easy to remove from its special mounting. The switch-activated scissors work with or without a switch and are compatible with many adapted switches for versatile uses. At the office, we have the scissors connected to the Slo Poke Turtle– simply press on her shell, and the scissors start cutting!

To learn more about the short-term loan program or to begin exploring AT solutions, visit the Device Loam Program webpage.