ABLE Tech Hosts OSU Advanced Leadership Program

Louise stands in the demonstration room holding up AT that enables one-handed peeling of apples or potatoes. Many Advanced Leadership Program participants are gathered around the room.

We were excited to host Oklahoma State University (OSU) Advanced Leadership Program participants for a tour of the Stillwater office yesterday! They learned about Oklahoma ABLE Tech and our mission, as well as assistive technology (AT) through device demonstrations with Louise.

The OSU Advanced Leadership Program provides participants with opportunities to learn foundational principles and best practices needed for leadership development and success.

To learn more about our Device Demonstration program or to schedule a tour, visit our website at


Louise stands in the ABLE Tech lobby as she speaks to a large group of Advanced Leadership Program participants.
The Advanced Leadership Program participants gather in a circle in the hallway of the Seretean Wellness Center. In the bottom right corner, Louise stands with her back facing the camera.